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This is week 3 with my sexuality coach, trying to help me hate my sexuality less and help me work up some real alternatives to dating.

A couple options she suggested to help me feel less alone:

-Craiglist ad for a demisexuality group: nothing yet beyond dick pics and restraints. It is Craigslist, after all. And this is a tough group to find with very small numbers of people


- LGBTQ groups in my area: I have really mixed feelings about this, since I'm straight, just with attraction "problems." I've heard demi-,grey-a and asexuality are controversial choices to include with LGBTQ and I agree there's a big divergence in experiences, but we shall see.

-Activities I enjoy, in which I might people: this was easier. I love hiking, wine tastings, visiting breweries, and working with local downtown businesses. I have to figure out the self-care after I do this (severe, depressed introvert that I am).

-Working on language to tell people in my life: this sounds tricky to me. How to tell people you're attracted to the opposite sex, but short-term dating doesn't cut it, and get taken seriously? I'm so used to being told I need therapy, or am just not trying hard enough, or have intimacy issues.

- I did try changing my OkCupid profile to specify I was looking for platonic friends to widen my support system - and have more friends -with the thinking that a friendship would become an attraction later on, as happens for me. Sadly, that seems to make my profile invisible, and I stopped getting messages. I guess that's not the route to take right now.

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