Guise, I’m in a helluva pickle and I’m too exhausted with grief to figure out what to do. My maternal grandmother, one of the most important people in my world, died a week ago. My family is too broke to afford cremation. We started a gofundme and it’s done dismally. I’ve seen people get their dog’s surgery paid for ($3000), but I can’t get some help with a beloved family member.

On Monday they start charging $25/day for refrigeration. I’m going to have to take some time off work (which I can’t afford because I’m a temp and don’t get paid time off) to call the local charity organizations to see what kind of help we can get so this doesn’t happen or so we have money to cover it. After having to defend myself against predatory mortuary service people I just don’t have the energy for this shit.

I need gifs, stat!

ETA: if anyone is interested in the gofundme, message me at thegenusvenus at gmail.