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FU Friday the 13th!

I spent hours on a post full of wonderful Tina Turner gifs and relationship thingys, and now kinja won't let me publish it. This is the least of my issues.

I went to PP for birth control and learned that not only do I not qualify for insurance or reduced cost services, my current medication prevents me from taking the normal and more affordable contraceptives like the pill, the patch, and the ring. If I want BC I have to get the much more expensive IUD, or the less expensive but still expensive and more hormonally risky shot. And I may need to get a colposcopy because the recent pap didn't give conclusive results regarding HPV and its effects on my vag. So for the past month I've had sex and exchanged fluids with and made a commitment to this person who also has another partner based on information I have now found to be unreliable. So even though HPV is totally not a big deal and this info doesn't really change anything I feel like I put my partner and his partner at risk, and my nightmare is not yet over. Oh yeah, and I'm terrified of liking this partner more than would be prudent and having to cut and run if/when that day comes because I don't think any of us, especially his partner and him, planned to share his heart like that.

And I have to ignore all of this an get down to meeting the 8 page per week goal I set myself for this play I'm writing. Or else my writing mentor will kick my ass.


So yeah, fuck today.

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