The New York Times finally gave John Boehner the evisceration he deserves!…

I cannot even count how many times I have seen the national media being sympathetic to Boehner. Seriously I could make a John Boehner apologist bingo card with words: beleaguered, hamstrung, hands tied, backed into a corner, lost control of his party, reasonable guy normally willing to negotiate, tough position, Speaker in Name Only, crippled.

No no no no no. As Speaker, he allows what bills go to the floor. At any time he could have let through a clean continuing resolution, which would keep the government going under the current budget, AND WHICH WOULD PASS. He just is desperate to keep his Speaker job, which is pretty much the shittiest job in America at the moment, and he also sucks at and I kind of have doubts that he'll get re-elected as speaker anyway.

Obviously the hard-right sucks but there's plenty more discredit to go around.