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I'm so sick of this.

At my work there is one bathroom. One bathroom! And it's in the warehouse. Where there are always at least 3 guys working. And they always either make me feel so weird when I walk into the warehouse, or one of them is taking a shit. So unless the guys are out doing installations I do not pee. Ever.

My neighbor next door who is cool and gives me juice boxes said if he's there I can go use his bathroom anytime, which is awesome, but he's only there about half the day.


YOU GUISE. I've had 4 coffee's today. I MUST PEE. And there's extra guys working today because the fire department complained about a thing so the landlord's here fixing it. So I extra don't want to go into the warehouse. UGHGHGHGHGHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Excuse me, I'll be over here soiling myself.

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