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Fuck 2018 *Rant Ahead*

My mom decided not to press charges against my sister*. I have very mixed feelings. The outcome would have been jail time, probably a felony record, and likely decompensation due to untreated mental illness. I imagine her husband, also her victim, would have realized he needed to get away from her abuse. I doubt he would be there for her on release and she most likely would end up homeless. She is out of people who will help her.

It sounds like worst case scenario, but I think that’s pretty close to what would happen. Her life shattered, but maybe better for her husband and daughter. On the other hand, her husband is not financially able to provide for himself and his daughter without my sister’s income and the small help she provides. She is violent and may yet end up in jail. Hard to say how much more damage she will do. It’s so fucked up, but I have to support my mom’ choice. I don’t talk about to real life friends because I feel ashamed and people really don’t even know how to react. I stay neutral and supportive with my mom. Not much else I can do. Meanwhile, I am privately grieving as if my sister died. She is dead to me.


*She attacked my mom and bit out a chunk of her face. My mom had the first (maybe only) reconstructive surgery this week. She had to wait for a certain amount of healing after the first repair.

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