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Fuck Bernie Sanders

This guy is still going around trashing the Democratic Party (which he refuses to join) to sell his book:

1. Hillary is ahead by ~ 1.7 million votes and that number is only going to get bigger.


2. Maybe she would have done even better if you had dropped out in April when it was obvious you had lost instead of encouraging your base to trash Clinton and our party.

Let’s see what Bernie’s doing politically post election:

3. Cozying up to Chuck Schumer...who takes more wall street money than Hillary ever did.

4. Cozying up to TRUMP:


Does anyone else remember when compromising on $12 minimum wage with Hillary was too much for Bernard?

5. Still raising money for ‘his revolution’ instead of directing folks to give to the Democrats. (Reminder that most of his post-primary political spending was to help Dems not based on the issues but whether or not they had backed him. Bernie Sanders is petty as fuck).


Fuck Bernie Sanders.

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