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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Fuck Chrome!

So i was trying to download a YouTube video today to make a new GIF. I have the Ultimate YouTube Downloader extension for Google Chrome. Well lo and behold, the download option was not there. Come to find out, back in May Google disabled all non App Store extensions. I just don't use the downloader enough to have noticed until now. But i am really pissed off. I am a knowledgeable computer user and am sick and tired of these companies treating me like a fucking infant. What next Google, you going to block all non Play Store apps from Android? I'm sure Amazon will love that. I swear Google is turning into 90s era Microsoft everyday.

Now that the rant is over, does anyone know of a good app/ext for Chrome i could get through the stupid store. Aside from that, any trustworthy website that i can use to download a video that won't leave my machine is terabytes of spam and malware?


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