I made the mistake of reading the comments on the article about bike helmet use, and now I am filled with red, hot rage. I am so fucking fed up with bicyclists who think riding a bike makes them so special that they are exempt from following the rules of the road. Someone actually said, "Fuck pedestrians—my safety is more important!"

No, FUCK YOU. And fuck every asshole like you who shows up on every post like that to explain that riding a bike makes them so special and so entitled that they don't have to obey traffic lights and that everyone lawfully on the sidewalk should get out of their way. You're not fucking special. You're a gigantic asshole who is selfishly endangering everyone around you. And no, "I probably won't kill whomever I hit, so that makes it okay" is not a valid fucking excuse (even if it were true, which it fucking isn't. Yes, if you hit an adult, you're unlikely to kill them. The same is not true for young children and small pets, who also use the sidewalk). If you're too afraid to ride a bike in a safe and lawful manner, DON'T FUCKING RIDE A BIKE. It's not that hard.

I realize I'm extra wound about about this right now because of the number times my puppy has nearly been run down by assholes of this stripe, but jesus fucking christ. Riding a bike does not give you a magical "I'm allowed to endanger everyone else's safety" card, and if you think it does, YOU'RE A TERRIBLE PERSON.