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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I am annoyed beyond words. We have basically a complete shutdown until 19 April. Food/health related shops can and will stay open, but everything else will be closed from tomorrow onwards. It’s not that I’m a social butterfly, because I really am not, but I want to have the option to say no.


Wherever possible, employers have to make home office available for their employees. Which will be fun, because several of my customers have an IT infrastructure that is not set up to let everyone work from home.

Plus, I just ordered a yoga mat. Had to. I need to get some workouts in every day and with my box closed for a month, I’ll have to make do at home. Or, and the prospect is equally horrible, start running/do some of the vitaparcours in the area.

Please come, complain with me about the very personal injustices of covid-19/corona virus/sars-cov-2

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