You know the worst thing about being a woman? Discrimination, sexual harassment, etc? NO. IT IS PERIODS. THAT IS THE WORST THING.**

WOMAN TIMES. If I didn't want kids in the next couple of years I would be back on the pill so fast that your head would spin. LITERALLY. Okay, not literally. I was on the pill for just over ten years (I started on it young as a skin treatment), and only came off it just over a year ago. EVERY month it's still like a horrible surprise - I seem to forget how fucking hideous it is every time.

And am I the only one who seems to have maybe one or two months which are "lighter" and slightly more tolerable, only to be made up for by a period of DOOM and actual agony which is so heavy it makes you wonder how there is any blood left in your body? The worst was at the beginning of the year when I was on a weekend break with my boyfriend. I woke up at 0500 with cramps, then they got worse, and worse, and worse....I ended up rocking backwards and forwards on the bathroom floor in agony, crying, and eventually poured a hot bath and did the same thing in there. For three hours.

And then every month is a little bit different in the run up, just enough so that you worry about being pregnant as a regular occurrence (for me it's nearly every month).


It's like your body is saying "so hey! just when you thought you had figured out your pre menstrual symptoms - HERE ARE SOME NEW ONES. HAVE FUN".

And even if you feel like something that got hit by a car, reversed over, then picked at by vultures, then thrown into a ditch of despair - you still have to get up and go to work and behave like a normal human.



The only silver lining on this, is that since I am not working at the moment I can say a massive "fuck you" to the world and have a bath, then go back to bed with the vomit bucket. I can't get netflicks here but I can raid my old dvd's.


Sorry for the rant. I've taken painkillers but they haven't kicked in yet.

How do you guys cope with your monthly deliveries of hell? It would be nice if other people had less of a problem, because I don't want people to be in pain, but at the same time, I will probably secretly deeply resent you all if you're like "My periods are like kittens and rainbows! I barely even notice them! haw haw haw"


Now if you'll excuse me I have some bears to hide from.


** Exaggeration included.