Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck (Edited with more fucks)

I'm still working on getting a new battery for my chair. I lost my debit card, which is no big deal, but since my battery is so shit, I can't safely get my ass to a bank until I'm closer to one tomorrow and even that is risky. Fuuuuck. Then my dumb as shit mobility company answers the phone like, 30% of the time because they are shitheads. I call them to see if my funding went through, no answer. They call me this morning and say they can't do anything until they hear from my case worker, which is totally normal. But they tell me they've been having issues, can I give them the fax again? Well fuck you. Why didn't you tell me?! So now I'm calling them back with my info. I hate this.


ETA: To give you an idea of how shit my battery is, I drove to a Tim Horton's five minutes away and I'm now at 79%. That is fucking TERRIBLE. My mom is driving in from an hour away to bring me food because I literally cannot get to a grocery store safely.


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