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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Fuck Group Assignments

Help me GT, I'm furious. I have an oral presentation at 12:30 in my most hated class and an Anatomy exam immediately after it on the heart and circulatory system and I don't have time for this shit. I did all the work for the presentation, spent hours on it over the weekend and on Monday, put everything into a shared Google Drive, providing my partner with ample time to do the PP presentation. Well, I get a text at 4:20am that she's finishing it up. I wake up, no email. I text her about it and she finally sends the PP.

She changed everything I did, completely disregarded my outline and what she changed it to doesn't even make sense. Now she's ignoring my texts asking why we didn't discuss this and asking how A fits under B.


I'm really pissed you guys. I do not agree with the connections she drew, WHAT DO I DO?

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