It just dawned on me that figuring out a correct cocktail of medication is going to be insanely difficult.

Feel free to throw input my way, I'm just trying to unfuck my mind so this may be jarbled as all hell.

When I was 20-ish, I had seizures. I tried 3 different anti-convulsants, all three...were bad. Bad. I'd rather not dicuss those in details right now. The seizures stopped so I stopped even trying medication.

Now I got diagnosed as bipolar. I am under the (I assume correct) belief that many medications for bipolar are anti-convulsants...or anti-seizure medications. My psychiatrist asked me to bring in a list of all the medications I had tried for my seizures so she doesn't put me on something that made me sick.

So, putting aside the fact that anti-convulsants and I do not mix particularly well, they also render birth control useless.


I have PCOS. I need to be on birth control to regulate my periods and lighten the bleeding as well as preventing fucking cysts from growing on my ovaries.

I have no clue how any of this will tie into any thyroid medication.

GAH. Shiiit. How the hell is this going to work?? I am going to need to have my psychiatrist, gynecologist and endocrinologist all collaborate and coordinate meds.


*weeps dramatically* Can't I just take a pill that will turn me into a completely different person without any disorders?