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And I feel pretty fucking badass. Like a plucky girl reporter or an American Girl Doll or something.

This douchebag abandoned a pit-bull puppy at the dog park today, so I volunteer to take him to the shelter. Douchebag could've taken the dog to the shelter himself (which was 10 totally walkable blocks away), but he had to be an ass-basket and abandon this adorably sweet giant without any tags or ID or even a name. Unfortunately the shelter was closed, but they said a police officer could bring him in after hours, so I went to the police. I'm dragging along a large, powerful, nervous dog I don't know, and like your average non-white US citizen, I am scared of don't like posses a healthy suspicion of the police. But things went surprisingly well! Almost all of the officers were incredibly interested in the dog's well being and several of them wished they could take him home but had their hands full with their own dogs.

The cops were just gonna take him to the shelter but the poor guy had gotten attached to me at that point and wouldn't get in the car without me, so I hopped in the back of the squad car with him and off we went! The shelter took him in and said he will be checked out and most likely ready for adoption in 3 days. He might not actually last longer than that, as one of the police officers got really attached to him and might adopt him if he gets along with her current dog! And he was just the sweetest little slobber-machine. Who wouldn't fall for him?


Afterwards they dropped me off outside my building. The lobby guy asked me if I was ok (the building's been having problems lately) so I adopted my best NBD-badass voice and said: oh, nothing's wrong. Someone abandoned a puppy today so I just dropped it off at the shelter. Then I went and ordered pizza with a really good coupon and it came in under 30 minutes.

All bragging aside I wanted to post this because the experience was so surreal and happy. It felt so...magical....that all the stars aligned for this to be possible: I had plenty of time to take this dog in, the shelter was helpful, the dog was well-tempered aside from his understandable nervousness. And the police officers were incredibly kind and helpful- especially the one who might adopt him! Honestly I was worried they'd yell at me for wasting their time, be forced to turn the dog loose, or somehow I'd end up stop-and-frisked and the dog would be shot for "aggression". Or something. But instead they chatted kindly with me, mooned over the puppy, and gave me a ride home! I asked them questions about police-ey things as they drove, and the male officer even told his partner and me a story about the time he tried to rescue a cat on the job, only to have it escape and wedge itself under his passenger seat. It felt wonderfully safe and professional, and like they cared about their community...is this how upper-middle-class white kids feel around police? It was like a little holiday miracle, like a glimpse into a cartoon world where authority is kind and adventures have happy endings.

And now I'm off to look at puppy gifs!

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