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Fuck I feel like I fucked up on my temp disability stuff

So in the continuing saga of my broke-ass foot: I’m pretty sure the complications from being drugged up and having limited mobility have given me a wicked UTI. Being on crutches has made going to the bathroom difficult and there have been several close calls and embarrassing misses.

So when my employer called me last minute to ask if i could do concierge for one day I felt horrible but after some thought I had to turn him down. I told him it would be dangerous for me to make it to the bathroom in time because the only one I could use happens to be the most popular guest bathroom which is one stall, far from the desk, and down 3 steps. Plus they’d have to shell out almost $100 bucks just to transport me to/from work because I can’t take the subway. And even tho I’m not on pain meds right now it’s because I keep my foot elevated and still. If I lower it for an extended period of time it hurts. I was worried it would get painful again and when I brought up that taking percocet would make me sleepy my boss was like “well don’t take percocet.”


Also I was really worried that if I returned to work it would affect my worker’s comp claim, or worse that this was a deliberate plot by my bosses to fuck up my claim (history has made me paranoid) and the workers comp office was closed so I couldn’t ask them and I panicked.

I’ve since learned that the latter isn’t necessarily true and me turning down that job offer could actually hurt my claim. And now I’m worried my boss is mad at me cuz the first day I was hurt I said if there was anything I could do to let me know. My fam and my bf said I was right deciding not to go in and not to feel bad but I’m realllly worried. I don’t want my boss to think I’m a baby or lazy when mostly I’m scared of peeing on their floor. I know I should get a lawyer but I’m worried about having to pay them $$ I can’t afford.


What should I do? I’m pissed at my job and paranoid they’re gonna screw me over, but on the other hand I feel bad and like I’m screwing everyone over by hemming and hawing and eventually not coming in when they needed me. Like I’m making excuses. I don’t want to tell anyone about my awful infection but I don’t think they’ll understand unless I explain it and how bad it is.

ETA: Broke my foot at work so it falls under worker’s comp. It was definitely due to negligence on their part because their stairs were improperly lit.

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