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Fuck it Friday!

I know it is only 9:30 eastern time, but fuck Friday!

These are the shit things that have happened to me lately:

-the Father who baptizied me and confirmed me did not keep a record of it and now I have to go through a shit ton of hoops to get married in the Catholic Church. Fuck him.


-I had to go to the hospital at 22 weeks pregnant because of fear of preterm labor. It was 100 percent covered by insurance but I just found out the hospital misbilled and is sending a collections agency after me.

-My husband's IPAD broke and we had to dip into savings to get him a laptop. He is leaving the military and needs a computer to apply to jobs.

-My husband was promised a new job and it was taken away from him and he was literally fucked around. We are getting out of the military but don't know when because his contract is being transferred over to the reserves. And now he is on night shift.

- I am going for lunch with my best friend but guess what? She invited her abusive boyfriend along. Fuck him.


-My 9 month old daughter is getting into everything all the time and annoying the living shit out of me.

Fuck today. Fuck today. Fuck today.

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