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Fuck-it Friday

Is it too early for a Fuck-It Friday Thread? Fuck it, I'm making one anyway

First this is from Thursday but I am including it because it's my thread. First fuck the developers of Batman Arkham Origins for the IPhone for making a game that goes from easy to OMG YOU GONNA DIE! Difficulty quicker than it takes me to down a Budweiser. And on top of that for making it nearly impossible to proceed without buying tokens and coins for gear upgrades and revives. Your shitty business model is shit and you are horrible people.

Fuck you NCAA President Mark Emmert for your lies and propaganda you spread like rancid cheese over moldy bread this morning on the Mike and Mike show, whose company ESPN is in bed with Texas. Emmert is a puppet in place by the university presidents anyway so I don't believe a thing he says about guaranteed lifelong medical care for student athletes injured during college. Also, fuck you University of Texas AD for more lying and for being the AD of Texas. BOOMER SOONER!


Fuck you Norman traffic for being shitty as always.

Fuck you asshole in the blue Ford who had to park as close to my driver's side door at the 7-11 as possible. I just love trying to slide my fat gut through a space barely 3 inches wide just to avoid tapping your pos car. Frankly I hope you got horrible diarrhea for the rest of the day.

Ok that's all I got. I've never done one of these before, did I do it right?

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