Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

It’s SAT grading season again, and I’m losing patience faster than ever. You know what question people should stop asking these teenagers whose brains haven’t fully formed yet? “Do people need to sacrifice to achieve success?” Answers I’ve seen to that question include: Hitler had to sacrifice the lives of the Jewish people to create a pure race, The U.S. government had to sacrifice the lives of Japanese citizens by dropping the bomb to make sure Japan never attacked the U.S again, and today in the same essay The Native Americans sacrificed their culture to fit in with the European settlers AND the abused child in this book sacrificed his food and happiness to make his mother love him.

Also my landlord came over at midnight last night, and was here doing completely unnecessary shit until almost 1am. I am filled with rage today! I’m seriously considering saying fuck it to the essay grading job.


What’s your fuck it Friday?

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