This day couldn’t come soon enough! I’m pretty sure I am going to leave my partner of two years and I’m absolutely scared shitless. The reason being I have never been single since high school and I’m in my 30's now. I know that sounds ridiculously stupid but I’m terrified.

We are long distance (2 hours) and he has become distant (won’t respond to texts, calls.) My birthday was Monday and I didn’t hear from him all night. He claims he lost his phone and found it the next day.


I also found hairs that were not mine in his brush which he claims were from when his uncle and gf were visiting. (Why would she use his brush??)

He has started to call me a liar and shady when I fall asleep at night and can’t hear his calls. Because apparently I’m hitting up the clubs going nuts on a week day. I have probably driven to him over 100 times and he has reciprocated maybe 30.

This makes me incredibly sad since I’ve invested all this time and effort. I do not know how to meet guys at my age and I believe the effort may be exhausting and very depressing. So fuck all that today. What’s up with ya’ll?

Update: I haven’t been able to reach him to do this (of course) but I wanted to thank each and every one of you for this. I’ve been here for many years and this is my safe zone so I wish I could hug each of you. I’m preparing and I’ve been shaking and terrified. But it has to be done. Again, so much love to you guys.