Morning, everyone. This has been a tough week for a lot of us and I’m SO glad it’s almost over.

Two of my coworkers are driving me insane lately. I’m newer than one, who feels the need to, every time I ask her something, talk to me about one question four a good ten minutes. Her tone is condescending and she pretty much tells me her ideas and how they would work. (I didn’t ask for your idea and have to come up with my own.) Trying to avoid her but unfortunately she is the key person on some projects so I have no choice. 

The other one sits five feet away from me and rolls herself over to my desk with her phone, sometimes leaning down ON MY LEG looking for a text to show me which she sent to a guy. She then asks me what I think of her text - if it’s too much, too little. I can’t be more obvious in my lack of interest but she is completely oblivious. I’ll even be working with my back turned to her and she’s right behind me talking about her texts.

What’s goin on with ya’ll this week? CAPS FOR EMPHASIS AS ALWAYS!