TGIF, guys - FINALLY. Annoying coworker put in her notice and her last day is today. So far, she has ‘gifted’ me her 90% used up lotion, and used cuticle cream her family member made for her about 9 months ago. She just straight up put them on my desk when I was out. To the trash they went! No shame and WTF - REALLY?!

Also, just now I have to say FUCK dating apps right now so hard. Maybe I don’t know how to use them but people don’t seem to want to get past a “hi” and then stay on your chat log without saying another word. If you don’t want to converse, maybe get off the app?


On a good note, I’ve been keeping up with my spinning this week except for today, when I arrived at the gym at 5:30 and realized I had forgotten my work shirt. Sigh.

How was your week?