Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Fuck It Friday

TGIF! FUCK am I sore. Orange Theory first free class kicked my ass. I tried my best but was clearly the slowest person during that class having to take multiple breaks to make sure I wasn’t going to either pass out or die, which would be a very sad place to die. My legs and arms are extremely pissed at me today and I’m all hobbley but am drinking a shit ton of water since they said it’ll help the muscles recover quicker. WHAT IS QUICK THOUGH BECAUSE SO FAR THEY ARE GETTING MORE PAINFUL?


On the other hand, FUCK anxiety. Lately I’ve been having to park outside on the street bc roommate needs the carport driveway more, which is fine. But about three months ago, my last car was smashed in the same place on the street right in front of the house at 3am. So now every time I hear some asshole speeding down the road at night, I expect to hear that awful crash again. Thankfully, her schedule will allow me to share the driveway soon but anxiety is seriously awful.


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