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Fuck It Friday

Friday is here! Thanks to everyone who gave me some pup/kit advice for after I move into my new place in the next few weeks. You guys seriously educated me on little things that come with the territory I hadn’t even thought of.

So now...let it begin...

FUCK feeling like you overly give as a friend and get 20% back in return. Do you guys ever experience this with friends? I have a friend who is super nice when he is venting to me and then when I need someone to talk to and just need to get it out, silence on text or something like, “you’ll be ok”. Time to back away from that officially now.


Also fuck you, gray hairs. You creep up on my head in the middle of the night and show up with your friends. You aren’t welcome yet! I’m in my mid thirties and this REALLY makes me feel like an old.

How was your week? CAPS WELCOME AS ALWAYS!

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