Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

We made it! And somehow I survived the week where almost every one of my co-workers got sick. (Knock on fake wood desk).

I’m trying to get rid of liking this guy who ended up telling me ‘his divorce is now on pause’. He told me initially he was separated in a way where he was kind of saying I’m a nice guy, I really like you, don’t let someone good pass you by. And my vulnerable self fell for that and started to like him and went on a few lunch dates w/ him. Fuck!


Also fuck way too personal convo at work. Please stop casually coming into my cube and asking me stuff like if I’m on birth control bc you’re getting an IUD on Friday because you have too many Tinder dates lately. This person has been told TWICE by her boss to stop talking about personal stuff so much. So after those two calls, she goes around telling people ABOUT THAT CALL. Gahhhhh!

Tell me about your week! Weekend! Morning!

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