Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Happy Pre-Halloween Friday! Oooookay - Here we go!

Cube mate update - she has now began following me to other cubes when I need to talk to a co-worker about work or something personal. My best friend works in my office. I’ve known her for 15 years so we try not to spend too much work time together but maybe once or twice I’ll visit her or she’ll visit me to chat about something personal quietly. Cube mate next to me will stare at us when she comes to talk to me. We usually whisper and it’s usually an update on family or something similar. Cube mate at times has walked over to us expecting to be a part of the conversation which is very awkward bc it’s obviously a personal conversation. Now, when I have a break and walk over to friend’s cube to say hello, she will FOLLOW me to try to be a third best friend? She is new and I understand is trying to befriend people in the office but this is a really weird situation. She has a lot of energy, is very loud when on the phone, is aggressive when she doesn’t get jobs she wants (when a coworker passed me a job he needed help with, she overheard, marched over to his cube and demanded to know why SHE didn’t get said job loudly so I could hear) and enjoys gossip, which my friend and I stay away from. Arghhhhhhh... We are moving floors next year so I am hoping I could politely ask to not sit by her and would need to have some professional reasons - perhaps that she tends to be very loud and I can’t hear sometimes during my phone meetings. I’ll have to figure something out. I can’t just say, ‘Bitch, step OFF. Creme brulee will NEVER be Jell-O!’


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