Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Fuck It Friday

YES! Finally Friday! FINALLY!

So, married dude who pursued me and tried to convince me he’s getting a divorce, so I allowed myself stupidly to start liking him and accepting his lunch offers, decides to tell me after work that “I shouldn’t wait for him” (I wasn’t?) and that I should go out and date but NOT use phone apps (Because you have so much experience with them?) So I, seething because we were face to face and I couldn’t properly articulate what I wanted to say at that moment, just walked away and texted him later saying, look, you’re married. You can’t just hit on women because you are NOT single. You don’t just tell women you’re attracted to that you’re going through a divorce when you’re not bc GASP! Your wife - who you said was ok with you seeing other people while going through said divorce - flips the fuck out on you when you tell her you’re talking to someone. And now you’re backtracking everything after you made me believe we would start getting to know each other but who knows when said divorce is actually happening? FUUUUUUUUUCK NO. And stupid, STUPID me - I work with this guy who has to check our computers every week. So I said I’m going to be cordial to you, and not talk about you bc I’m not like that. And that’s it. Don’t hit on me. Don’t expect me to be responsive to you anymore. No word since. Fucker.


Tell me about your week!

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