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Welcome To The Bitchery

Fuck It Friday

FRIDAY, PEEPS! Kind of a mixed bag this week.

PROS (sorry kind of long)

- My cube-mate who likes to do things like (not exaggerating) put her leg on my desk randomly, whip up her skirt and show me how she’s proud she doesn’t shave her legs while I’m typing an email (she overheard another coworker talk about laser hair removal) 


- March aggressively to another coworker who asked me to help him with a job and demand loudly why he did not give her the job (this was three weeks into her starting)

- Brings me food like cut up pineapple, which I never asked for, put it on my desk and say, ‘don’t forget to clean my bowl when you’re done’...I never asked for you to bring me snacks?


- When a very long-term good friend coworker comes by to chat about something personal quietly, she stares at us hoping we will acknowledge her so she can join the convo...many times she just rolls her chair over anyways to listen in and casually ask...’what are you all talking about?’ She has been gone ALL. WEEK. LONG. Which has been SO peaceful!

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PRO 2: Our 85 degree weather is going to be dropping to 70 this weekend so...progress on a mini cold front!


But she is returning TODAY! Gah!

Tell me about your week and weekend plans! TGIF!

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