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Fuck It Friday

That moment when your best friend of 15 years congratulates you when you decide to open up about losing 3 lbs. that took you FOREVER by saying, “That’s so awesome! If you just lose about 3-4 more you’ll look PERFECT! *wink*” This is someone I dearly, dearly love but over the past year she has gotten into and I mean INTO heavy body alterations, which, yes I knew always she was vain - which isn’t bad at all. But this is a new level. We are in our mid thirties and she recently started with light botox in the forehead and crows feet. She got upset at me yesterday for not noticing she had her stomach done by some freeze machine called Sculpsure (I think) and the new injections she had done in her upper lip. I just wasn’t aware she was doing all of this - so much so fast. And her comment about my weight kind of threw me off a lot. It was kind of patronizing bc she’s a few sizes smaller than I am and doesn’t do gym to lose which I have been working my ass off lately and still struggle but I think is now relying on these procedures to achieve the look. I don’t really know what’s going on - I’ve never felt self conscious around her bc we’ve been able to joke around about problem areas and the difficulty it is to achieve weight goals - I can’t afford stuff like that and it’s not really appealing to me in my mid thirties...maybe later on but it just never has been. I kind of like how I’m aging, lines and all. She has several times also, said, “Let me know when you want to start!” Which I didn’t know how to respond to so I didn’t. It’s just....weird. And it kind of makes me sad.

How was your week?


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