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Fuck It Friday

Morning, beautiful people! How was your week? I anticipate joy and peace this Friday because cube mate is not here. (Working from home for the 4th Friday in a row ... although three months new ... that’s another whole WTF bc everyone else had to earn something like that ... but STILL!) Ahhhhhhhh quiet! No hearing about bragging that she has a space heater while watching me put on a sweater! No rolling her ass into my cube when my friend comes to talk to me! No questioning me jealously about each project I get put on and why she didn’t get put on that. PEACE!

Also, dammit it’s HARD to date in your mid-thirties! Where are the good ones? I’m not the type to walk up to that cute guy sitting at a table at Starbucks over his laptop. The only one who keeps showing interest is married guy who told me he was separating, then told ... would be amazing IF he was single but NOPE. Thank god for animals.


Tell me about your week!

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