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Fuck It Friday

OH my god this week is over! Onto more last minute Christmas shopping! There has been a slow, steady stream of chocolates, cupcakes and other sugary snacks brought in by mostly me to my desk this week and they have ALL been devoured.

I have a 5k tomorrow morning that I am super nervous about - my coworker who is into these invited me and we’re running through Sea World for Cancer Society OA with antlers on our heads.


Onto the Fuck Its! FUCK my cube mate this week. I had 2 good weeks and bam! All up into my cube AGAIN yesterday. She’s doing the passive weird shit this week too. Like yesterday, I was on a long conference call and I’m designing some clothes apparel and literally TWO seconds after I hang up the phone, she whips around to face me and goes in a whiney cutesy voice, “Umm, I’m sooooo sorry but I was listening to your call and you’re designing WHAT?! How aaawweeesommmmeee! What is it foooor? Is it for this? Or that?” She has been doing this for a good three months now. She listens into my calls or looks at my screen and compares her projects to mine bc she thinks I’m getting better, more creative work...which MAY BE SO? And that’s because I’m in a DIFFERENT position from you? We were hired on the same day so I believe she thinks we are exactly the same role-wise so she is constantly coming into my cube and looking at my print-outs, story-boards, and making cutesy comments as to how awwwesome and creattiiiivee my stuff I’m getting is.

Dude, MIND. YOUR. OWN. BUSINESS. Like, it’s affecting my anxiety at this point. LEAVE ME ALONE. We DO NOT have the same role so STOP asking me about my shit. I’m here to work. She always throws in some weird compliments when she does this. After that, she sent me an e-card and said you’re soooo creative - you DESERVE IT! I said thanks? (That was weird and creepy) I think she’s trying hard to be a best/weird friend but it creeps me out and I see right through her bullshit. So I have to find a way, after my calls to block that shit. When she told me she sent me an ecard, I had no smile on my face and just stared at her and said thanks and went back to work. She does the whole sing songy shit while talking to me and it’s like nails down a chalkboard.

Phew! Thanks for letting me get that out. How was your week?

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