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Happy Friday, ya’ll!

How was your week? How was your Christmas? Any funny family stories to share? I spent it with family at Grandma’s, and I’m half Puerto Rican so we had a bunch of chicharron and pasteles while blasting old Puerto Rican Christmas tunes. Grandma didn’t fall into a plant this year so that’s good. Her favorite thing is Secret Santa because she always wraps one ‘gift’ to be the special gift and that’s usually a dead insect. This year, it was a dead lizard she fashioned onto a rock and wrapped it in a little box with Christmas tissue. She then spends about ten minutes laughing. One year it was a dead cockroach placed into a mini gingerbread house on a ‘couch’. And this is why we love Grandma. It’s also nice because annoying coworker is now abusing working from home on Friday’s privilege and she’s working from home again today so I don’t have to feel her eyes on my back all day long.


How was your week?

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