Brought to you by Buttercup, the mini goat who gives -100 fucks.

This week I have to say I have to say I’m learning that my thirties have also been so much better than my twenties in that I also give way less fucks. But it’s also a new welcome territory into weird health things. And also seeing a change in a very close friend. My hair texture isn’t the same, I have to spend more $$ monitoring a thyroid condition bc insurance wants to do everything possible to not help with that even though I give them so much $$. One of my dearest friends has recently gotten into facial cosmetic stuff like botox (mid-thirties) which - absolutely nothing wrong with that - it makes her feel good about herself and I’m ALL about whatever that takes. But recently she’s been pushing me to hop on the bandwagon, which at moments, I’m like wait - maybe I really do need it. Or maybe she wants kind of like a buddy to go through it with? Either way, it’s been fucking with my head a bit. None of the women in my family have done that. I’m more of a slap a crap ton of cream on my face and call it a night kind of person. That stuff kind of scares me so I’m sure I won’t dive into that anytime soon. Maybe later on? But anyhoo, tell me about your week!

Any cool plans this weekend?