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Fuck It Friday

FINALLY! This week was long AF. Okay, I have to start off with: FUCK bitchy HOA board members. I live in a great, affordable community which is generally good - no drama, or crime, etc. But there is a dude who left his decaying 1960-something impala which is like 40 ft. long with it’s trunk end sticking out into the street so all of us have to swerve around it when passing by. This dude has been able to leave this piece of shit there for over SIX. MONTHS. IN THE SAME SPOT. So he’s abusing our parking spaces by using it as storage for this monstrosity. I have emailed the only HOA contact I have and asked when the upcoming HOA meetings were and she refused to even respond. So then I called her and she was all chirpy and said, OHHHH IT JUST PASSED SORRY. I said look this dude is abusing this spot. She’s like, MA’AM there is NOTHING we can do he’s parked LEGALLY. So apparently she sees no problem with it because she has zero suggestions like maybe we can all take a vote or something to tell him to please move it. So...FUCK bitchy HOA lady.

Other than that, it was a pretty decent week - last weekend, I ran a 4 mile race and it was a costume contest - the race was love-themed so I decided to be Pepe Le Pew and won first place with my dorky costume. They gave me a $100 gift certificate to the local running store so I’ll get some new sneakers bc mine are ratty! After, there was a giant pet event in a huge park downtown and I decided to try to bring QuiQue, my little gray tabby with some work friends. I had no idea the event was 1000% dogs so I was freaking out a little and he was like WTF MOM. But then I put him next to the lake which had swans and he was enthralled by them and tried to walk up to one.



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