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Fuck It Friday

Yes! The weekend couldn’t come soon enough! How did this short week feel so long?! I managed to have one of the best weekends I have had in like...many, many, many months but it was almost ruined by a total assface. I had booked diving with a friend I met through our local dive Facebook network and he offered to take me diving with some sharks last weekend. I don’t know this guy well but know he is a known diver among the local dive shops and used to work at one as a dive guide so I felt safe. So, the day started off pretty crappy - we were on the boat by around 7 and I turn around getting the gear ready and knock my rented mask into the water and I watched it jaw dropped as it sank to the murky bottom before we even left. So seemingly nice dive guide/buddy looked at me and shook his head as if I did it somehow on purpose but luckily had an extra that I could use.

Fast forward to the dive - we drop 80 ft. (my deepest dive yet) by a ship wreck and my adrenaline is going bc I have never seen sharks in their natural element - as soon as we drop to the sand, they appear - long, graceful 7-8 footers not wanting anything to do with us, just gliding along happily. My heart is racing so I take a lot of deep breaths to calm as him and I are swept in the current and drift the rest of the dive. He brought his lobster stick to catch lobsters and this guy has like 700 dives under his belt (I have around 5 so I’m still learning a lot). He sees some and looks at me to hover with him but the current is strong and I’m kicking and waving my arms to stay in place and he’s obviously getting upset at me for drifting off.

When we surface, I’m just in 7th heaven about the sharks and he immediately starts scolding me for not staying in place, and to ‘never dive with my arms as fins’. I’m like ‘ummm, well I’m learning still - and the sharks were awesome.’ I’m trying to stay on that high but things like that just progressed. When we got to the dock he asked if I wanted a picture holding the lobsters he caught and I said yes - and to show me how to hold them. One almost slipped out of my hand and he was like, “Forget it! You don’t know how to do this!” Needless to say, luckily I have some other dive peeps in the network I reached out to after and shared this with one of the advanced woman divers who offered to bring me on her next dive. She said there’s always a few guys that are too arrogant and are asses. He even texted me after I basically stopped talking to him asking why I was being silent.


Anyhoo, sorry this was so long but he was SUCH an asshole. Good thing the sharks made up for that. Here are 2 pics.

Tell me about your week or weekend plans!


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