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Fuck It Friday

Fuck you, week/s! Aside from family emergency things that had a few of us scrambling to help out - thank god it was something that was treatable and family member who we were so worried about is on the full mend now.

Also, a giant fuck you to my dating world right now. And especially someone in particular who decided (I’ve talked about this one before) to approach me (a co-worker) and make it extremely obvious he was interested, told me his ‘story’ about how him and his wife (yep) were getting divorced and I fell for it bc it I am way too trusting. Well, now I found out his wife is pregnant so... yeah the relationship being so shitty like he told me turns out to...not be so shitty. So fuck that guy - and beyond.


Then a freelance client I have - a surgeon starts asking me random non-work but not inappropriate questions which - ok cool you want to establish a friendly relationship. And then throws out a text asking in these exact words if ‘I am looking for a sugar daddy’. Welp. Respect for you just flew out of the window dude and I still have about 20 hours of work to finish for him. I am in my 30's and he is in his 60's. That’s not a situation I want to be in plus I enjoy making my own dough and take pride in the work I do so... yeah no thanks. I was more angry than shocked bc I felt so disrespected because he really liked the work I was doing for him (website).

So, ONTO St. Patty’s Day! Please let this crisp weather hold up for the weekend because I really REALLY need time to treat myself after that bullshit.

Tell me about your week! Any St. Patty plans?

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