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Fuck It Friday

Happy Friday, ya’ll! Well work has FINALLY slowed it’s roll so that I’m not working cray cray overtime hours so much that I can’t even post FIF’s.

We have construction happening next to our building - and I understand how those machines need those ‘beep, beep’ backup noises. So this noise is happening every oh... 15 minutes? Of every day. Over the last two weeks. And some of the peeps in here had to work from home bc it’s making them a little crazy - totally understandable. I guess the guys handling them are used to it. We anticipate this continuing for hmmm - the next three months? God help us all.


Aside from that, somehow the universe got whiff of my real estate ignorance and decided to throw me a bone. A family friend has a townhome and his tenants aren’t renewing come August and he called me a few days ago offering me a first look at it. We did a walk through last night and I lurvvvv it so we basically sealed the deal. Thanks to everyone here who fed my knowledge of landlord stuff bc I have LOTS to still learn. My goal is to purchase my first home come 2020 so this year I’m going to save. I have to get a roommate bc I’m single and can’t afford this rent alone so this is another area I’m unfamiliar with and it kind of terrifies me. I’m used to living alone with my cat, QuiQue who basically rules the home. So ideally someone nice who likes pets, is clean, etc. etc. Any suggestions welcome.

Lastly, I think my toenail is gonna fall off on my second toe, which is like 1/4" longer than all my other toes - after I did my first half marathon a few weeks ago, each week, the nail has turned darker and darker. Someone suggested poking a needle in it to release the pressure. Ummmm....


So anyhoo, tell me about your week! Weekend Mother’s Day plans? Missed you all!

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