Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Happy Friday, peeps! Okay I have to start with this weather. What is UP with the rain? I’m in Central FL and it has been like a tsunami down here. My hair especially loves it as it is very Monica Gellar in Barbados.

Oh my cell phone was stolen at freaking WALGREENS last Friday during LUNCHTIME. I left it on the bathroom sink for literally 1 minute and ran back in and some chola saw it, pocketed it. Called the cops, they saw her clearly handling my phone when she left. She even went to the pharmacy to get her drugs WITH MY PHONE and walked out like nothing. The police were AMAZING and said they could only locate hotel addresses - it looks like she’s using fraudulent credit cards and hopping around. So I had to drop $$ for a new phone in the meanwhile - $$ that I really did not have so it’s been a rough week. They said over $300 is a felony so they said they’ll pass to a detective and if they locate her they will make an arrest. I don’t know how any of that works but they’ve been updating me. I know it’s just a phone and they have much more giant things to work on, but I appreciate their help.


Tell me about your week! Weekend plans?

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