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Fuck It Friday

Happy TGIF, guys! I really have to learn to just let things go - like with new guy I’m talking to over text - well when I say talking, I mean I am talking. Not him. I feel texting has really made some (not all) guys really, uber lazy.

I can tell he’s dwindling and now I just need to let it go but I always want to somehow fix it bc it’s not what I want so I have to just.... yeah.


Not easy, not fun, disappointing but again, I don’t want someone who doesn’t make an effort to have basic conversation as simple as it is - or wish they would just say, “Look, I’m not that into you.” so I can then say, “Thanks for the honesty!” and move on.

But that is just way too hard I guess. Gah!

QuiQue is also SO freaking big and he is not even 1 yet, guys. I am worried. His paws are gigantic for 10 months. I think this may be a sign that he is half tiger.

Also, I have to look for a new roommate for August - any suggestions on where to hang flyers for someone responsible? I know it’s super hit or miss but I’ll have to start meeting interested peeps soon who hopefully like cats.


Happy Friday, ya’ll!

Tell me about your day, weekend and how your week was!

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