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Fuck It Friday

Yeah! We made it but this week was roughhhhhhh. From the horror that is Trump, an extra middle finger to him and his team. Seriously. It’s so disturbing and now he’s acting like a hero from the acts he caused in the first place.

So also, fuck mindfuck things. I have a friend who may be trying to help me get a position at her place which was 2 weeks ago and ... nothing. Nada. So my hope has been dwindling lol. I still keep some hope, however. But it’s messed with my head and I don’t want to push bc I already asked once.


And my landlord is becoming kind of a nightmare which - yay to be moving end of July - but now he wants me to ‘host walk-through showings’. He has his real estate lady email me all these random people with their ID card photos and she basically says, “schedule a showing with them”. This is not in my contract/lease that I had to do these stupid showings. I don’t feel comfortable doing this on my off time with randos walking through my house and next to QuiQue. I live alone so it’s also not safe which he should know but clearly doesn’t care. And I know it’s his bitchy wife who is making him sweet talk me into doing that. I’m not good with confrontation and straight up told him I will do one on Monday and allow you to do your open house for 2 hours next week, but no more until after I leave. He then responded with - ok I’ll give you 12 hours notice before others come. Dude, what? I said NO. I don’t know how to get him to stop bc it’s his house.

Also, fuuuuuuck Florida humidity - my hair refuses to be anything but a chia pet.


How was your week?

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