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Fuck It Friday

SO glad this week is over. We waited this whole week for my dad to get his MRI results back because he has been having dizzy spells and it JUST came back negative for anything thank god. My Mom has been a mess this week.

Also some girl at work who clearly does not like me is starting to be openly bitchy to me - really just doing petty stuff like after I say “Morning” yesterday she turns around and says, “you look tired” and turns back around to her computer. Yeah, bitch I am tired. I’ve lost sleep worrying about my Dad but thanks for pointing that out. She also does things like goes to each girl’s cube and invites them to a group lunch and excludes me so I’m starting to feel super isolated from my team, which sucks. I’m trying not to let it bother me but it does. It’s embarrassing and no one notices bc it’s not happening to them but it’s affecting me now and making me feel super down. So fuck people like that seriously. We all have shit going on in our personal lives that are difficult.


Tell me about your week. Weekend plans? 

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