Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Fuck It Friday

Happy Friday to all! On this week’s list of WTF is having our new employee trying to take a look at all my designs for a group project we are all on. We are in teams of two and three with three teams and this person is on the three-person team so the are already ahead. But dude. STOP trying to peek over my wall and pls stop asking to see my stuff. She then loudly said to her teammate, “I’m not...competitive...it’s more...ambition?” Yes, girl it’s ok to be competitive but chill. We aren’t winning an award and we all work for the same team. It’s ok.


Also this heat! I can’t take QuiQue on his walks bc his little paws won’t take it and I know he’s dying to get out. No can do, buddy!
How was your week? Weekend plans? 

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