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Fuck It Friday

Gah, can I just say fuck work stress when it gets to the point where my actual upper back muscles are so tight, it hurts to just...be. Any tips or advice on how to relax those muscles when they are so tense and tight from just basic stress? I tried rolling my head around but nope! They aren’t budging. I can’t really afford a massage either and feel uncomfortable some random person, “Hey! Mind if you just ... rub my shoulders for ten min?” And QuiQue won’t respond when I ask him. Hmmmmm.

I’m trying to find a roommate and it’s been...more difficult than I imagine. I’m meeting a prospect tonight and crossing my fingers bc the last two flaked at the last minute.


Also can I just say fuck up and down self esteem. I still haven’t been strong enough to totally end it with my ex. He lives 2 hours away which is better for me but I end up having a shitty day and reaching out to him, he then tries to convince me to go see him, but when I call at times, he’ll decline my calls just saying he’s busy. I just need to swallow that he’s just...not a nice person and is incredibly selfish and tell myself it’s OKAY to NOT reach out to HIM when I want whatever it is I want at that moment.

How has your week been? Any fun plans? 

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