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Fuck It Friday

106 degrees yesterday with heat index ah mah GAH! A/C cannot come on FAST enough when I get into my car. Wow and then people driving like assholes lately doesn’t make this heat better. And why does heat make my work out motivation drop to like -0? How does that even happen?


And success! I found a roommate to share my place with me! But yay for anxiety about living with someone I don’t know! Any tips for making a smooth transition for both her and I? I def want her to feel comfortable. She met QuiQue and he really likes her and she warmed up to him so that was nice. But I do have to let her know this weekend that I like the AC down to 70 at night bc I run hot and sweat at anything above that in case she likes it warmer. Just little things like that just to let her know beforehand. Hmmm can’t think of much else.

Also, has anyone tried Crest White Strips? Did they work for you? 

How was your week? Plans for the weekend?

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