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Fuck It Friday

Happy Friday, everyone! Annnnnnd let’s just dive in! FUCK romantic opportunities that are snatched away by the cruel universe! I met an amaaaazing amazing man a little over a month ago and alas he has to go back to his home country today. We have spent almost the entire month together just doing things like movies, restaurants, walking around the boardwalk, he helped me move and taped my boxes for me *cries* and QuiQue adored him *sigh*.

He wants to keep in touch but where he is from is very, VERY far away. I’m open to still talking but know I have to let it go bc of the realistic circumstances. Not cool, universe, not cool to tease like that. On a better note, tomorrow is the first day of my week-long vacation wahoo so FIF will have to be skipped for next Friday.  Tell me about your week! Weekend plans? 


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