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Fuck It Friday

OH MY GOD to the orange POS making the Puerto Rican deaths all about himself AGAIN. My god there are no words. Not a one.

My friend posted a rant on FB about a gas station that charges more to use debit card - which I had no idea that even existed. She worded it more of a ‘wow I didn’t realize this was a thing’. SO many commenters from men basically telling her how dumb she was. One actually started out with, “When did you start pumping gas? Because I’ve known about this for decades.” Ok, congrats? They were just so rude. Keyboard warriors. Sigh.


Also FUCK fleas. QuiQue has them and I feel SO BAD for him. I got him that super cat collar not sure the name and Frontline drops. Any recs on how you destroyed them if you encountered this?

How was your week? Also FUCK the orange POS again. 

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