Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

In this FIF, I have to give it to a hoverer - a coworker who loooooves to hover over my area, watch my screen, listen to my calls, and then ask why I’m assigned to certain projects she wants to be on. So this is one who is highly competitive straight out of school wanting allllll the projects. So after she interrupted my co-worker and I in her passive aggressive way “Hiiii guyyyys, I was just listeningggg and that project sounds soooo amazing and you all are doing just soooo amazing. I really wanted to know if you needed help....” Nope, we’ve got it. Thanks. As in stop being a fucking annoying fly and buzz off. So then I find out she secretly emails our other office asking to be put on that project. Boss returns the secret email cc’ing ME saying no, they’ve got it. Rejected. Step. OFF. Learn some work etiquette seriously. Stop trying to snatch people’s jobs in a sneaky way and then be fake sweet to our faces. We see right through you. Gahhhhh.


Other than that! Tell me about your week! Weekend plans?

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