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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Fuck It Friday

So more work stuff! Horray! FUCK work drama especially now during the holidays. We have this seriously controlling woman - a co-worker who has decided to be extra-controlling. Doesn’t like me also. So she held a meeting - excluded me so others could say what they would bring for the Halloween potluck. I was in another meeting. So I always as a personal tradition bring a dessert. I really do love baking and she decided to write an extra bitchy email to our team saying, “Happy Trick or Treat! Desserts are ALL FULL so if you feel you have an extra amazing dessert idea, please email a photo and description to us - The Dessert Committee (me, so and so, and so and so) and we will review it.” So I was like fuckkkk that and responded to her saying, hi, I missed the meeting but am going to bring a dessert. And she loudly goes - in front of my entire team - TCIW...DESSERTS ARE FULL. SORRY. So one of her minions on her team goes, ‘oh nooo, maybe I shouldn’t bring a dessert anymore (sad face)‘ because of me. So she had to coddle her loudly saying, “Oh no, so and so, you were SO excited about bringing yours.” All giving me the middle finger. Doesn’t matter what I’d like to bring! I’m bringing one anyways. She typically does stuff like this to me. Shrug.


Tell me about your week! Weekend plans? 

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