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Fuck It Friday

As of last night I have a beautiful second degree burn from a glass dish I pulled out of the oven. Fuck clumsiness! It is nicely bandaged today from a very kind coworker who grabbed our first aid kit and wrapped me up.



It hurts like hell!

Here are other fucks. Fuck my phone for trying to mess with me by calling 911 this morning while I’m just trying to listen to Pandora. WTF sketchy phone!

Also fuck friends who just decide after 12 years to get flaky. I’m pretty much over reaching out to my best friend who moved to another state and is constantly posting stuff on social media but can’t bother to text me back or ask me how I’m doing. I’m single, no kids, she’s married, one kid. I get that she’s incredibly busy but she’s ignored me for a good month now with no reason. Time to make new friends. It sucks, it hurts, but I can’t control people and have a hard time accepting some people will just be shitty and there’s nothing you can do about it.


What are some fun groups you guys have joined also to make new friends? I’m open to trying really anything.

How was your week?

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