Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Oh Friday, sweet, sweet Friday how I’ve missed you! So I’m finally (well about 80%) over my bronchitis. I still have a few coughing fits at night where QuiQue stares at me with his big olives for eyes. I think seriously animals just ... KNOW when you’re not you. The other night around 3am, he booped my shoulder asking to be let under the covers and he adjusted himself so he was sleeping under the covers with his head out on my arm like a human. Of course I was trying to hold a cough in because it was so damn sweet.


Other than that, I would like to get better at cooking and meal prepping for the week because I am awful at it. Any tips on healthy things to make maybe on Sunday and save for lunches? (also wrong time of the year but trying still to drop some weight).

How was your week? 

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